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We would like to thank all members for submitting quotes to make this site possible. MovieQuotes runs by contribution by its talented members. Catch some of the hottest shows shortly after they air, plus the latest in blockbusters. That is, until I viewed the startling new documentary, THE WEIRD WORLD OF LSD (1967). The Weird World of LSD (1967) - IMDb Director: Robert Ground. drugs, hallucinations, LSD, tripping, movies - Stewart Home HOME FEATURES BOOKS PERFORMANCE GALLERY BUY CONTACT: DVD: The Weird World Of LSD directed by Robert Ground (1967) Well here's a movie on which every expense was spared. BLEEDING SKULL | The Weird World Of LSD VHS Review THE WEIRD WORLD OF LSD (1967) Directed by Robert Ground Something Weird VHS THE FILM Now here’s a film that we can all relate to. This hilarious exploitation drama reveals the secret lives of LSD addicts with preposterous vignettes a la "Reefer Madness." The Weird World of LSD Reviews & Ratings - IMDb Review: A pretty weird world indeed - "The Weird World of LSD" is, as another reviewer noted, the 60s equivalent of "Reefer Madness"... Moviequotes.com Repository - Movie Quote From Weird World of LSD. Wow, were my preconceptions way off base.. Weird World of LSD - Rotten Tomatoes - Movies | Movie Trailers. Review: The dangers and evils of the mind-bending hallucinogen LSD are luridly presented in this psuedo-educational exploitation drama. Actors: Terry Tessem · Ann Lindsay · Robert Jackson · Ray Becker · Cliff Anderson · Janet Cole · Norman Rogers · Bill Shelley · Bob. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi weird world of LSD - YouTube 4:33 WEIRD WORLD LSD wierd movie trailer acid shrooms PROPAGANDA by TheVintageRevolution 18,049 views; The Weird World of LSD (1967) - Video Dailymotion Shows, movies, and trailers from Hulu, The WB, Fox, HBO and more. Manor on Movies: The Weird World of LSD - Exploitation Retrospect. The Weird World of LSD Showtimes & Tickets - Yahoo! Movies The Weird World of LSDUnrated

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