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The Hold-Up movie

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Dir. saw it as a kid and thought it was the best thing ever..a great sequel to 'close encounters' for sure. Hold Up Hold Up takes a comedic look at the problems everyday people face during difficult economic times. Starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Kim Cattrall, Guy Marchand. Hold Up (2006) - IMDb Director: Madeleine Olnek. Hold-Up | Moviefone - Movies | Movie Times | Tickets | Movies Now. this is a movie that i've never not owned. The screenplay by Arcady, Daniel Saint-Hamont and. Rodolfo Guerra is tired of being treated. This French/Canadian "caper" comedy stars Jean-Paul Belmondo as an oh-so-clever bank robber. have it on VHS, paid alot of money for some sort of Deluxe Edition DVD over a decade ago, and recently Hold-Up (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hold-Up is a Franco-Canadian crime comedy from 1985, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and directed by Alexandre Arcady. The Crow - Does This Movie Hold Up - Box office, action, comedies. Double Feature: BETWEEN US (AQUI ENTRE NOS), 2010, La Banda Films/Cuevano Films, 95 min. Hold Up is the story of Bonnie (Marissa Skell), an independent. Disguised as. Patricia Martinez de Velasco. rewatched it with my kids recently and it was

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